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The Electrician Certification Online or "ECO", is the latest online training project developed by Merging Streams LLC.

Merging Streams is an Internet based company located in Colorado established to develop online content-production businesses. Merging Streams areas of expertise include online video production, training production and publishing, content management system development - Drupal 7, and internet marketing.


  • Provide the best training platform in which trainers and students benefit equally from our training program.
  • Provide the best training for the electrician professionals in Colorado at a very reasonable price.
  • Contribute to the community by making electrician training available to more students.

Executive Team

Hector DeJesus

Electrical Engineer - Founder - Chief Executive Office - Web Developer - Internet Entrepreneur


Greg Peticolas

Master Electrician Consultant - Public Relations

Online Media Production

Stephen Scarlett

Photography Director & Senior Editor

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Practice test is one of the features ECO will provide to members. Click on the "Register" button to receive information about the release of this and other ECO feature services!

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Information for trainers interested in making money with their video content.

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